Certified Professional Coach

RNCP Level 6

Specialising in collaborative and individual coaching for 15-30 year olds, teenagers and young adults.


My purpose

QLAP! was born out of my desire to enable as many young people as possible to express their full potential, through self-discovery, by setting themselves challenges, while respecting the vision and pace of everyone.

And to do so in a way that reveals their true potential while building on their experience!

So whatever their profile, level of study or geographical location, I want to provide unfailing support to as many young people, teenagers and young adults as possible.

Much of what we need to move forward, act and achieve our goals lies within each of us.

Sometimes we just need a little help to discover it: QLAP!

My background

With a background in business and over 6 years’ experience in operational sales and marketing roles in the agri-food industry, I wanted to challenge myself by setting up my own business.

I’m keen to put human relations at the heart of my project, so it was with great enthusiasm that I embarked on Professional Coaching, a support profession and a cross-disciplinary discipline in the human sciences.

My project

I decided to specialise in coaching young people, teenagers and young adults aged between 15 and 30, and to work with them through collaborative and individual coaching.

Coaching can cover a wide range of topics: self-esteem and self-confidence, stress and emotion management, parenting, communication and public speaking, and career plannin


RNCP Level 6 certified Professional Coach – Linkup Coaching since July 2022.

State-recognised RNCP level 6 certification

Registered with France Compétences under number 31970.

State-recognised RNCP level 6 certificatio

Level 6 professional certificate (bac +4).

Linkup Coaching

The benchmark coaching course in France and internationally.