It’s a simple onomatopoeia that will get you moving and give your projects a boost !

QLAP! coaching for young people

“Because ALL young people have potential that they may not yet be aware of, I use coaching to help 15–30-year-olds get moving, reveal themselves, give themselves permission and dare!


To find out for yourself

    • Who I am
    • What drives me and makes me unique
    • My needs, my values, my desires
    • How to make the most of them (personal marketing)
    • And put my career plan into words

Finding your own solutions

    • Self-esteem and self-confidence
    • Managing stress and emotions
    • Communication and speaking
    • Parenting
    • Professional skills


Collaborative Coaching

It means tackling all the subjects you want in a small group, with respect and non-judgement !

Freeing up the floor and letting everyone express themselves by encouraging co-development to remove obstacles and become aware of their own value.

Individual Coaching

It means getting a boost for several weeks on the issue of your choice, finding solutions and becoming fully aware of your potential !

Having the opportunity to open up, to be listened to, to remove any obstacles and to set yourself in motion at your own pace.


For schools and associations, I offer a tailor-made workshop format so that the young people you welcome can learn about personal and professional development in a fun way!


“Déborah gave me back my self-confidence and taught me how to manage my stress. I can only recommend her. She was able to create a climate of trust thanks to her kindness and patience. Thanks again!”

Margaux, 24 years old

“It was really great, Déborah is an ever-present coach. I give her 10/10 for her work!”

Maurane, 23 years old

“Coaching taught me a lot about myself and it allowed me to focus on myself.”

Kate-Lyne, 16 years old



QLAP! was born out of my desire to enable as many young people as possible to express their full potential, through self-discovery, by setting themselves challenges, while respecting each person’s vision and pace.

And to do so in a way that reveals their true potential while building on their experience !

So whatever their profile, level of study or geographical location, I want to provide unfailing support to as many young people, teenagers and young adults as possible.

Much of what we need to move forward, act and achieve our goals lies within each of us.

Sometimes we just need a little help to discover it: QLAP!